Theory Into Practice - Olomouc - September 2022

In the "Theory into Practice" seminar led by Professor Bernd Herzogenrath, participants delved into the compex and aesthetic world of horror cinema through the creation of video essays about three iconic films: Rubber (2010) by Quentin Dupieux, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) by Tobe Hooper, and Get Out (2017) by Jordan Peele.

With a mix of theoretical readings and film screenings, students gained a deep understanding of the elaborate themes and techniques used in horror cinema.Professor Herzogenrath's knowledgeable contribution provided a solid foundation for students to analyze and deconstruct the films, while encouraging them to creatively engage with their subject matter.

The major input came from our esteemed guest professor Eugenie Brinkema, who offered valuable insights and guidance on the intersections between film theory and practice and symbolic elements of horror movies, helping students to explore the deeper meanings and cultural significance of the genre.The seminar brought together a diverse group of students both from Frankfurt, Olomouc, and São Paulo, including media, literature and culture students, who formed groups and collaborated on their video essays.

The beautiful city of Olomouc provided an inspiring backdrop for the seminar, with its rich cultural heritage and dynamic intellectual community.By the end of the seminar, students had gained a wealth of knowledge about horror cinema and had produced their own engaging video essays, demonstrating their new understanding of the genre and its cultural significance.


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